Coodylark (Lullula nocturnes)

Pinkish-grey body, red and white wing tips, blue and yellow tail band, distinctive crest.
Size: 15-17 cm.
Voice: melodic and undulating song, but only heard at night; the male’s slower call sounds more plaintive than the female’s brisker tune.
Habitat: hedgerows, woodland and heath.

Who doesn’t love the sound of a coodylark on a still night? Magical.

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Below is a link to a secret scene that didn’t find its way into the finished novel, even though it was one of my favourite pieces in working out the mood of the story. However, because it might give too much insight into a key character, you might want to come back to it later, when you’ve finished the book, which is why I’m announcing this SPOILER ALERT before you click on the link. Here it is: Secret scene link.