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I was recently asked to return to Shepherd and create a second list of 5 favourite books based on a theme that my first novel, The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore, also reflects.

You can read about my selection here.

Shepherd is a great way of discovering book recommendations based on books that you might have already read. I love browsing the various lists and letting the themes lead me from one set of recommendations to another. Visit Shepherd at

I was recently invited by Shepherd, a wonderful book discovery site, to recommend 5 of my favourite books around a topic, theme or mood, that might in some way be reflected in my crime mystery novel Night-night, Sleep Tight. The title I came up with for my topic was ‘The best crime mysteries with an extra twist of character‘ because that’s one of the things I look for in a good novel. And what a fascinating challenge it was. You can read my selection here.


Having established Windeye Publishing as a small independent business in 2017, in the hope of publishing a broad range of authors, I found that prohibitive distribution costs would make it impossible to ‘break even’ and do justice to the authors. Consequently, and with much regret, I had little choice but to scale back ambitions for Windeye Publishing in 2018. It remains operational as a personal imprint and will occasionally take on commissions: editing, book design, book covers, digital and print on demand publication etc.

Whoopee! A brand new, fully revised edition (with chapter head-piece illustrations) of The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore has been published by Windeye Publishing and is now available around the world. This shiny, re-edited edition will be released on 1st October, 2018.

New book, new publisher!

Night-night, Sleep Tight is a psychological thriller set against the backdrop of a vast, forested wilderness. It was released on 1st June, 2017 by Windeye Publishing.

Meg Dapsy’s family home has been destroyed in an arson attack. Her mother is dead and her father is missing, but Stella, the younger sister she’s always taken care of, has one secret too many… and it involves an old boyfriend.

With suspicion falling on a group of militant Animal Rights activists, Meg has no doubt where the blame really lies.

It’s been a while between novels, but having decided to say goodbye to my British publisher, I’ve followed much good advice and spent several months setting up my own independent publishing company: Windeye Publishing.

Wanting to get things absolutely right – in terms of interior book design, cover design, etc – and not wanting to risk another author’s book on the first run, I decided to launch with Night-night, Sleep Tight. And I’m delighted with the result: it’s everything I wished for.

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